Suru Valley

Suru valley is one of the most beautiful region of Ladakh.It forms the mainstay of Kargil district.The land presents a spectacle of breathtaking features.Snow-capped mountains,unparalled slopes draining into streams of clear water,large glaciers descending to the river-bed,marks this valley.It is the most exciting place to explore the hidden terrains of mighty Himalayas.Major tourist-destinations here are:


Rangdum is a small town which is sparsely populated and situated betweenpadum and Kargil. The landscape is spectacular due to the surrounding hills ,pastures, streams and glaciers.Is an excellent site for trekking base-camps.Rangdum Gompa is another major spot to visit.


Panikhar is one of the most scenic site of Suru lies at the border of the valley and is renowed for a ruined fort constructed by Zorawar Singh,when Zorawar Singh intended to conquer Tibet.


Sankoo is a picturesque town surrounded by few villages and vibrant rocky mountains. There is a dense plantation of poplar,willow and wild rosrs in this bowl-shaped valley,giving it a feeling of nam-made forest. It is also a famous picnic spot.


Trespone village, spectacular and sprawling,is worth visiting.It has a quaint mixture of Islamic and Tibetan elements in construction style.It's a place where trading of making a prototype of s ancient Scythan bow is still carried out by some families.

Penzella pass

Penzella pass is located at a height of about 4200m over Zanskar Range.It separates Zanskar Valley From Suru Valley. On either side of the pass there are camping grounds,used by migratory graziers,communities and travellers. One can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding ranges and countryside from the mountain top

Dara-Drung Glacier

Dara-Drung Glacier has speechless beauty.The glacier begins to make appearancewith thcool chill in the wind owing to its large ice-reserve. It is lacated at an elevation of 3500m and in indeed a feast to the eyes.