Vishal Jangi
India (Maharashtra)

Julley Stanzin!! First of all, Ladakh is an amazing place, a real heaven on earth! A must go for every Indian especially who run to places like Switzerland and all. We have Ladakh in India and it’s worth boasting about.

Lynx Expeditions : arranged our trip to Pangong tso, Rafting in river Zansakr near Nimmo and last but not the least Stok-Kangri expedition. If you guys are looking for adventure then I would suggest  stok kangri expedition. Lynx Expeditions planned it beautifully, and i must say I never missed home in these 4 days of trek n expedition be it food or company of the crew.  It is my most unforgettable tour. Julley!

Chanel and Sabrina Bianca

Hello Stanzin,

We're back to California sound and safe. We remember the landscape of Ladakh and it is not possible to forget it. I am very happy with my holidays and Lynx Expeditions for making it,

thank you.